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Rocky Top BBQ Company

Our BBQ starts with the finest ingredients. We start with basic injections and finish off with our Carolina Q Rub. Our main focus is to enhance the flavor of the meat and not mask it. Through careful blends of spices we are able to create an authentic BBQ experience and flavor profiles that make Rocky Top BBQ Co stand in a class of its own.

True BBQ is cooked with wood. We only use the best quality hardwoods and fruitwoods around. We use a selection of Carolina hickory, cherry, and peach woods to give us a balance of flavors that will please any palate. Our meats are tended to over a real fire until they have reached perfect tenderness and flavor.

The Tennessee and Carolina hills have been known to be home to quite a few moonshine stills and whiskey distilleries. In fact these distilleries and the historic roots to BBQ is what has made these states what they are today. Just as those distillers work tirelessly to ensure every run and batch is perfect, we work with the same love and attention for our product. We spend hours on end trying to perfect it and we believe we have been successful. Let us share this hand crafted art we call BBQ with you.

Myron Mixon Smokers

Rocky Top BBQ Company is an independent representative of Myron Mixon Smokers.

Myron Mixon and Seconn Fabrication stand for quality products, honesty, and integrity! Contact us today to find out how you can own a Myron Mixon Smoker!

Myron Mixon Smoker Technology (Video Below)

MadeInAmericaMyron Mixon Smokers hail from Myron’s cook style and innovation. Each smoker is hand crafted in the USA and boasts the most advanced smoker technology on the market.

Myron Mixon Smokers make it easy for you to be the envy of your friends. Our Waterpan Technology™ uses an indirect water cooking system, to evenly disperse heat throughout the cooking chamber and lock in the natural juices, giving you the option of cooking hot and fast or low and slow. The results are the most delicious, tender, mouth-watering barbeque you’ve ever tasted. Myron Mixon Smokers make cooking great barbeque effortless and delicious.

Keeping all that precious smoke inside the cooking chamber is the pitmaster’s goal. Every Myron Mixon Smoker is 100% fully insulated with 1” thick, military-grade insulation. Heat and moisture stays in letting you cook hotter and faster, maintaining consistent temperatures and using less fuel. Myron Mixon Smokers save you time and money.

Every pitmaster knows that the secret to a great barbeque is cooking up plenty of delicious smoked meat to share with family and friends. Our Myron Mixon Smokers innovate on the shape of the smoker and are built to maximize cooking capacity to give you more space to cook delicious barbeque. Our unique rectangular shape delivers equal meat capacity on the top and bottom racks of the smoker and maximum cubic square footage. We also offer the option to add additional racks for even more capacity, depending on what you like to cook. Myron Mixon Smokers deliver unmatched space to cook up delicious barbeque.