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charlottestageOur History

For many, BBQ is a hobby.  At Rocky Top, it’s a passion and a tradition.

We got our start back in 2009 on the competitive circuit.  Success and demand for our product grew to the point where we had to open a catering service for private parties and large corporate events.  Now we do it all.  We have continued to cook our BBQ in a way that pays respect to it’s rich tradition here in the South.  Cooking large cuts of meat over an open flame was something our early settlers did in an effort to serve large masses of people as well as preserve some meats for the cold seasons.  As time progressed, it quickly grew as a way for politicians in states such as North Carolina to feed large groups of people and rally those crowds to vote for them.  Now here we are today.  BBQ restaurants and caterers are all over the place.  However only a select few still cook authentic Q.

From our meat selections to the wood, injections, and rubs that go into our product, we work tirelessly to create a product that we are proud of and that you will remember.  We look forward to sharing this art we call BBQ with you.

Jonathan and Graham, Pitmasters