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Steve Carter Interview – RTBBQ

steve-carter-rtbbqHow long have you been with Rocky Top?

In my current position about a year, however I have been around for awhile. 

Tell us about Steve Carter?
What’s there to say. I’m married and have 2 wonderful kids. I work in the property management field and when I’m not doing that I am cooking up some tasty Q.

What BBQ influences have you had over the years?
Growing up bbqing seemed a normal way of life. Loved spending time with my dad doing it. Later in life it came from going to competitions and seeing what people were doing

Why do you believe in what RTBBQ is doing and why are you excited to be a part of it?
Passion, you can sense it in someone. I felt it being around these guys and it didn’t take long to get hooked. It has always been a passion of mine and being here allows me that opportunity.

Tell us something “behind the scenes” about the funny side of the business?

You spend countless hours with your team and bad habits make for some pretty interesting times. Most of the time I get videos of the other guys snoring since I’m up all night.  We recently almost dropped a 200 lb hog trying to get it in the cooker because Jonathan is too short.

What is the Rocky Top style of BBQ and tell us about your learning process to get where you are today?

In a nutshell we are a bit Eastern, a bit Western, with a touch of our own as well. It is unique and allows us to serve a quality product. Jonathan and Graham’s willingness to show me accompanied with my eagerness to learn is the main reason I am where I am. That and lots of cooking. You can’t get the experience if your not cooking. 

If you could say one word to describe your feelings towards RTBBQ and its mission, what would it be?

What about cooking BBQ makes you happy?

It’s watching the reaction from people once they have tried our products. Especially when it comes from the old generation. Those guys will be your toughest critics. 

What separates Rocky Top from other BBQ companies?

I feel that we turn out a quality product that is like no other. ‎Once you’ve tried it you’ll understand and usually want more.